Alphabet Cards  26 French letters + Activation code

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Alphabet Cards  28 French letters + Activation code:

3D models appear when the child point with the camera to the Alphabet Card.

The child can control the three-dimensional 3D models, for example:

A child can make the lion “A 3D character for letter L” run or jump

Or makes the dog “A 3D character for letter D” walk or swim.

Thus, in the rest of the letters, each of the letters “French” There is a 3D object that can be fully controlled by the child.

The child can also take pictures with the camera through the camera icon inside the application.

The child can also control the size of the 3D object using two fingers on the phone screen.

The program also teaches the child how to write the letters “French” in the right way.

The application also pronounces the letters “French” and the name of the character and hears sound effects according to the 3D object displayed.


Application requirements:

Android OS: 4.4.4 or higher with Ram 1.5 or higher.

iOS: 11 or higher.

Additional information

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Dimensions 50 × 25 × 25 cm


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