AR Augmented reality for Kids (Alphabet – Numbers)

الواقع المعزز للأطفال (الحروف والأرقام) 4D

Augmented reality (AR) Alphabet and Numbers in three languages for kids NO cards required The AR Kids Kit includes three main sections (Arabic-English-French). 1-English letters and numbers:3D models appear when the user points with the camera to any surface such as ground or walls.The kid can control the three-dimensional 3D models, for example:the user can […]

Augmented Reality (AR) kid’s Kit 4D

حقيبة الواقع المعزز - AR Kids Kit 4D

The AR Kids Kit includes seven main sections in addition to the augmented reality T-shirt, The AR Kids Kit application supports both virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology, and it can also work with both virtual reality glasses and virtual reality remote.