Augmented Reality (AR) kid’s Kit 4D

حقيبة الواقع المعزز - AR Kids Kit 4D

The AR Kids Kit includes seven main sections in addition to the augmented reality T-shirt, The AR Kids Kit application supports both virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology, and it can also work with both virtual reality glasses and virtual reality remote.

Anatomy 3D

3D Anatomy

Anatomy 3D Contents: Anatomy 3D – All Body Systems (Male/Female) Language: 1- Arabic 2- English 3- French All Body Systems:1- Digestive2- Lymphatic3- Reproductive4- Urinary5- Muscular6- Skeletal7- Nervous8- Respiratory9- Circulatory10- Eye Female/Male body for each body system 💠 TAGS 💠 تطبيقات – 3d