Alphabet Coloring Book – Spoken Book

Alphabet Coloring Book - Spoken Book

Previous Next Contents: English Alphabet Coloring Book😍Spoken Alphabet Coloring Book😍 👧🧑 Age: 3-6 years. 😎 Feature:✅ Full coloring tools.✅ Colorful alphabet images.✅ Spoken (Letter name, Letter position, word on the letter).✅ No Ads (Safe app for kids).✅ Full free (No in-app purchases).✅ No internet required (working offline).✅ Small file size. 💠 TAGS 💠 تطبيقات الأطفال […]



Previous Next Augmented Reality (AR) Kit 4D Contents: 💠1 – Arabic, English, and French letters: 💠 3D models appear when the user points with the camera to the Alphabet Card.👉 The user can control the three-dimensional 3D models, for example:the user can make the lion “A 3D character for letter L” run or jumpOr makes the […]