Alef Baa World 3D

alef baaworld 3D

Previous Next Alef Baa World 3D Contents: Lets your kid learn the Arabic alphabet in 3D in a funny way With Alef baa 3D World Lets your kid learn the Arabic alphabet in a funny way Note that it is (DEMO) version The child tries to find animals to get letters. Playing way: 1- The […]

Periodic Table 3D

Periodic Table 3D

Previous Next Periodic Table 3D All Periodic Table Elements – 3D – Full Control Periodic table 3D(Arabic – English):Elements divided into:1- Diatomic nonmetal2- Noble gas3- Alkali metal4- Alkaline earth metal5- Metalloid6- Halogens7- Post-transition metal8- Transition metal9- Lanthanides10- Actinides Atomic weight, number of Neutrons, number of Protons(Mass number), number of Electrons, and Electrons per shell configuration […]

Anatomy 3D

3D Anatomy

Previous Next Anatomy 3D Contents: Anatomy 3D – All Body Systems (Male/Female) Language: 1- Arabic 2- English 3- French All Body Systems:1- Digestive2- Lymphatic3- Reproductive4- Urinary5- Muscular6- Skeletal7- Nervous8- Respiratory9- Circulatory10- Eye Female/Male body for each body system 💠 TAGS 💠 تطبيقات – 3d



Previous Next Augmented Reality (AR) Kit 4D Contents: 💠1 – Arabic, English, and French letters: 💠 3D models appear when the user points with the camera to the Alphabet Card.👉 The user can control the three-dimensional 3D models, for example:the user can make the lion “A 3D character for letter L” run or jumpOr makes the […]